LG announces the G Flex 2 with a 5.5" FHD plastic flexible OLED display

LG finally officially announced their new curved OLED phone, the G Flex 2. This exciting new phone has a 5.5" Full-HD Flexible OLED on a plastic substrate, protected with a new glass cover developed by LG that is reportedly 20% stronger than the latest Gorilla Glass 3. The screen curves from top to bottom, with a curvature radius of 700 mm. The whole phone can be slightly bent.

The G Flex 2 has self-healing back coating, a Snapdragon 810 Octacore 2Ghz CPU, 2GB of RAM, LTE, 16/32 GB of storage, 13 MP camera, fast-charging battery and Android 5.0 Lollipop. The phone will be released in Korea by the end of January for $740, and AT&T will carry it in the US.

So our original report that LG is set to release a smaller flexible phone was correct. While not being truly bendable as some reports suggested, the G Flex 2 seems to be an excellent phone, and initial coverage says it is excellent, fixing most of the major G Flex issues (a smaller display, a higher resolution and a much better hardware).

LG may find out that one of the major problems with this new phone is that it is too popular - the company still has very limited flexible OLED production capacity (even though they are doubling that capacity). Considering the LG is said to be the supplier of Apple's Watch flexible OLED display, they may not be able to produce enough 5.5" flexible OLEDs...

Posted: Jan 05,2015 by Ron Mertens