Lenovo starts shipping the foldable 13.3" ThinkPad X1 Fold - and first reviews are in

Lenovo started shipping the $2,499 foldable ThinkPad X1 Fold laptop, and the first review is in. The ThinkPad X1 Fold is a Windows 10 Pro laptop that features a 13.3" 2048x1536 foldable OLED display (produced by LG Display). The X1 Fold features an Intel Core i5 chipset and a wireless keyboard.

T3 posted a review of this ground breaking device. The verdict in short? Very cool foldable display, it is a clever device - but the performance is not stellar and the display isn't bright enough.

The good news is that the X1 Fold has a great design, and the display folds without any visible crease or fold. The display offers great colors and a good 2048x1536 resolution - but sadly the brightness, at 300 nits, is not enough for direct sunlight visibility. T3 further says that the display is robust and its plastic cover was not scrateched with the stylus or with keys.

Posted: Mar 01,2021 by Ron Mertens