The Korean Government to designate OLED as a national strategic technology

In April 2022, we reported that the Korean Government is considering designating OLED technology as a "national strategic technology", which means that companies will be given tax benefits, to encourage further investments and R&D in the OLED industry.

According to new reports to Korea, the government will unveil a new draft tax law tomorrow that will indeed include new benefits to OLED developers, as OLED will be regarded as a national strategic technology indeed. This will encourage companies to establish new OLED R&D activities and new production lines. The government is also also looking to add microLED and quantum dot display technologies as strategic technologies.

Currently there are 34 national strategy technologies in Korea including EV batteries, advanced semiconductors and vaccine technologies. The Korean government is also supporting the OLED industries in other means, for example by launching national development projects.


Posted: Jan 13,2023 by Ron Mertens


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