Kopin developed a new 1.3" 2.6K OLED microdisplay

Kopin Corporation announced the development of a new OLED microdisplay - a 1.3" 2560x2560 (so-called 2.6K) panel aimed towards next-generation AR/VR/XR applications. This joins Kopin's current OLED microdisplays - the 0.49" 1280x720 panel and the 1-inch 120 Hz 2k x 2k Lightning panel introduced in January 2017.

Kopin Lightning OLED microdisplay photo

Kopin 1" 2k x 2k OLED Lightning microdisplay

Kopin, who is a fabless OLED panel maker, began production of its OLED displays with its partner OLiGHTEK in Q2 2018.

Kopin has also secured production capacity from BOE's and OLiGHTEK's new OLED microdisplay fab that is ramping up currently in Kunming, Yunnan Province. BOE recently announced plans to establish an even larger OLED microdisplay fab in a $470 million investment.

Posted: Dec 29,2019 by Ron Mertens