Kopin developed a 7,000 nits color OLED microdisplay

Kopin Corporation announced in January 2020 that the company developed a new double-stack OLED architecture that enables brighter microdisplays with longer lifetime. Earlier this yeare Kopin announced a new 1.3" 2560x2560 OLED microdisplay, developed with Panasonic and Lakeside Optoelectronic, that uses the new double-stack architecture and achieves brightness of over 1,000 nits.

Kopin Lightning OLED microdisplay photo

Kopin 1" 2k x 2k OLED Lightning microdisplay

Kopin now announced that its latest 720p OLED Lightning dual-stack OLED display has exhibited very high brightness of 7000 nits with good color and high contrast. Kyulux explained that to achieve this high brightness, it has worked with its partner, Lakeside Optoelectronics to optimize the duo-stack OLED structure to output color spectrum to match the bandpass of the color filters for high color fidelity, coupled with very high current efficiency and low operating voltage.

Kyulux further says that its duo-stack structure provides a lot more flexibility in the OLED stack design and OLED materials selection than a single-stack structure, which can result in much higher current efficiency and brightness and lower power consumption and longer lifetime.

Kopin also recently announced that it has achieved a breakthrough color fidelity (> 115% sRGB) for its latest dual-stack OLED display.

Posted: Aug 07,2020 by Ron Mertens