Kateeva developed a method for depositing the OLED materials with inkjet printers

Kateeva logo Kateeva is a new startup, that has developed a new way to deposit OLEDs - using an inkjet printer and a micro-dryer called a T Jet (thermal Jet) along with proprietary inks. This will allow makers to use Gen 8.5 and larger substrates to make OLEDs.

Kateeva say that in four years (or more...) OLED TVs made using Kateeva's way will cost around 70% of what it costs to make a standard LCD.

Kateeva's T Jet sits between the inkjet nozzles and the substrate. The material is first heated to 100 Celsius to evaporate the carrier liquids. The remaining solids then get heated to 300 Celsius, turned into a gas, and deposited onto the substrate, where it solidifies.

Kateeva plans to sell both the equipment and the inks.

Posted: Sep 11,2009 by Ron Mertens