ITRI upgrades their Image Lighting technology

In April 2014 Taiwan's ITRI Institute developed a new technology that enables OLED lighting panels to be patterned with static grayscale images. The new technology is called Image Lighting and it be easily be fitted into a normal OLED production process.

ITRI Image Lighting 2015 prototype photo

Today ITRI sent us an update on that project. The researchers have been upgrading the process, and have now demonstrated a new panel prototype (which you can see above), that is 10x10 cm in size and has 220 grayscale levels (up from 200 a year ago).

ITRI now estimates that their process will only incur an extra cost of less than 1% to a regular OLED lighting process. They also plan to develop the process to enable full-color lighting panels. This R&D project is supported by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economics Affairs of Taiwan.

Posted: May 12,2015 by Ron Mertens