ITRI demonstrate new flexible, foldable and rollable OLED prototypes

Taiwan's ITRI demonstrated several new flexible OLED prototypes at Touch Taiwan. As promised a few weeks ago, ITRI demonstrated a 7" flexible OLED touch panel prototype. The panel has been developed in collaboration with Heraeus which integrated its Clevios PEDOT conductive polymer based touchpanel.

ITRI/Heraeus 7'' flexible touch OLED prototype photo (Aug 2015)

ITRI also exhibited a z-fold 7.1" Full-HD (310 PPI) AMOLED prototype that can be folded both inward and outward. The bending radius is 5 mm.

ITRI z-fold AMOLED prototype photo

Other panels on display include a rollable AMOLED that is only 0.06 mm thick and can be rolled (bending radius also 5 mm) and a flexible on-cell touch AMOLED that was developed in collaboration with Japan's packaging material developer LINTEC.

Posted: Aug 28,2015 by Ron Mertens