Digitimes has an interesting article, in which it details plans by a company based in India to establish a $3 billion AMOLED fab, in India .

The company, Rajesh Exports, is a gold trading company, that aims to become an EV battery producer, and an AMOLED display maker. The company apparently has launched a subsidiary called Elest for the AMOLED project, and it started talking to three states in India, in order to gain support for its 240 Rupee (around $3.1 billion USD) fab.

Elest also aims to file an application for support from the Indian government, under its $10 billion Semicon India Program which was announced in February 2022. Altogether, Elest hopes to get around 50% of the total funds from the Indian government.

The plan, according to the report, is for Elest to establish 6-Gen AMOLED display fabs.

This is an interesting project, and could be one that poses many challenges to Rajesh Exports, which hasn't' got any experience in either displays or EV batteries production. Establishing an AMOLED fab is a major project, which requires large and stable infrastructure, a large investment, a large and experienced work force and, maybe most importantly, a specialized supply chain. All of this may not be easy to find in India which is not one of the world's leading display industry centers.

It will be interesting to watch this project as it progresses!

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