The IM3OLED (Integrated Multidisciplinary & Multiscale Modeling for OLEDs) is an international collaboration with the Russian Federation that aims to develop a software tool for multiscale OLED lighting modeling. The tool will enable a more systematic R&D process - which will accelerate efficient OLED design development.

The IM3OLED software will predictively model OLEDs in 3D and at all length scales – from molecular to large-area devices. It will include molecular calculations, electrical and optical simulation, 1D-3D light extraction and scaling / integration effects. It will also incorporate a dynamic feedback loop, enabling developers to accurately predict how changes in one area of OLED development affect other areas. This will allow multiple OLED properties to be optimized simultaneously.

IM3OLED brings together industrial and academic partners from across Europe and the Russian Federation and is coordinated by TNO/Holst Centre and by National Research Nuclear University MEPhI. Industrial partners include Philips, Fluxim and Kintech. Academic partners include leading computational physics and atomic / molecular modeling groups from the Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW) and Russian Academy of Sciences’ Photochemistry Center (PCC RAS).

The project is funded by the EU through the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7NMP Grant no 295368), and the EU portion of the IM3OLED project will run for 30 months until late 2013.

Project duration: 
2012 to 2013
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