IHS details the production costs of smartphone OLED displays, say rigid OLEDs carry a 20% premium over LCDs

IHS released its LCD and OLED smartphone display cost model for Q3 2018. According to IHS, a 5.7" 2560x1440 rigid OLED costs $18.62 to produce, a full-display flexible curved 5.8" 2880x1440 OLED costs $22.61 and a Notch-type 5.9" 2438x1125 OLED costs $28.18 to produce.

LCD & OLED production costs (Q3 2018, IHS)

It is not clear how IHS estimates yields - from our information SDC's production yields are much higher compared to the new makers such as BOE and LG Display - which means that yielded costs are much lower at SDC's mature OLED fabs.

IHS also details the costs of LCD panels - a 5.7" full-display 2880x1440 LCD costs $15.39 to produce (so a comparable rigid OLED will carry a cost premium of around 20%). A notch-type 6" 3120x1440 LCD costs $18.41 to produce, according to IHS.
Posted: Jan 24,2019 by Ron Mertens