Here is LG's transparent OLED screen at Shenzhen's Metro

In August LG announced that it has supplied transparent 55" OLED panels that are installed on subway train windows, in Beijing (Line 6) and Shenzhen (Line 10).

In this new video above you can see the transparent displays in action. The transparent OLEDs are used to show news, transit maps or other bits of information.

LG says that it will aim to supply similar solutions to other subway networks around the world. LG did not detail how many such OLEDs were installed at subway trains in China.

LG transparent 55-inch OLED screen at Shenzhen Metro

In February 2019 LG Display started producing its 55" FHD 38% transparent commercial OLED displays, and later the company announced it plans to double its transparent OLED production by the end of 2019 as it sees possible applications in shop windows, building façades and exhibition spaces.

Posted: Nov 03,2020 by Ron Mertens