Haier shows a 22" transparent OLED panel?

We just found this video on YouTube, showing Haier's LET-22TC - a 22" transparent "Organic" TV (yeah, that's how Haier calls it):

But this is rather strange, really. That panels has the same specifications (size and resolution) as Samsung's 22" transparent LCD panel - with its WSXGA+ resolution (1680x1050). And it's the first time we hear of any Haier OLED product, and they're already producing the largest transparent OLED we ever saw? (Samsung's largest one was 19").

So, is this an OLED or an LCD? Most likely an LCD. Like one commented says - Haier are using a backlight outside the display, and a transparent OLED wouldn't have been able to block the light to become black...  In any case, it's a cool looking TV, and hopefully Haier plans to release it as a product. Samsung started mass producing those transparent LCDs back in March, so it's about time someone started using them in real products...

Posted: Sep 03,2011 by Ron Mertens


That's an LCD and not OLED. That's why there is the backlight in the background, and you can't see trough black pixels :P