Korean design firm HaeChan Design launched a new OLED luminaire brand called O'CLESS, which exclusively uses LG Chem OLED panels, and already unveiled several new lamps (all will be commercially available this December):



The design is nothing special

The design is nothing special, but what I do find interesting:

At least for this video they have dropped the "flexible" OLED myth and changed it to "bendable" which honestly is a lot more accurate given that even the best LG panels tend to get major issues with encapsulation and/or electrode material if you bend them more than a little. 

Some information

The bendable panels used in these products are glass based, thus the panels are not truly flexible. However, Plastic-based truly flexible LG Chem OLED panels will be commercially available starting 2015. 

Unless LG has something truly

Unless LG has something truly revolutionary up their sleeves I seriously doubt this. I have seen samples of what they have and talked to them directly and theirs are not truly flexible either. They can bend in one direction to some extent, but bend them a little to much, try to stretch them or twist them and they will break as well (or at least the encapsulation will fail)



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