Emdedesign launches OMLED, a new OLED lighting brand using Philips' FL300 panels

Yesterday Philips officially announced their latest OLED panel, the Lumiblade Brite FL300. Today German design studio design studio Emdedesign (owned by Thomas Emde) announced a new OLED brand called OMLED that use Philips' upcoming panels.

OMLED launched a wide range of OLED luminaries, all using Philips' new FL300 panels. OMLED launched dozens of lamps in four categories: Pendant lights, floor lamps, desk lamps and table lamps. The designs all look pretty similar. OMLED has an online shop and they detail the prices of this lamps which range from €750 (for a table lamp with a single OLED panel) to €2,850 (a chandelier with 5 OLED panels). The lamps will be available in September 2014.

Philips' FL300 is a 12x12 cm (10x10 cm active area) panel that is very bright - up to 300 lumens. The FL300 is quite efficient (over 50 lm/W) and comes in either 3000K or 4000K. The FL300 uses thin-film encapsulation and is only 1.4 mm thick. The lifetime is 10,000 hours (LT70) at full brightness and 50,000 hours at 125 lumens. The CRI is over 80.

Philips also told us that Luceplan (an Italian lighting manufacturer) will also introduce a chandelier called OLALA based on the OMLED design.

Posted: Mar 30,2014 by Ron Mertens