Philips' latest OLED features 300 lumens at over 50 lm/W

Philips officially announced their latest OLED panel, the Lumiblade Brite FL300. This 12x12 cm (10x10 cm active area) new panel is very bright - up to 300 lumens. The FL300 is quite efficient (over 50 lm/W) and comes in either 3000K or 4000K.

This panel uses thin-film encapsulation and is only 1.4 mm thick. The lifetime is 10,000 hours (LT70) at full brightness and 50,000 hours at 125 lumens. The CRI is over 80.

Philips will offer the FL300 in three integration levels - the bare OLED panel, the OLED panel with thermal backplate and wiring (thickness is 2.1 mm) and a complete module with housing (3 mm).

The FL300 will be the brightest OLED panel available, and will be available in Q3 2014. It will be used in Philips' upcoming office and retail modular luminaire which will be unveiled at the L+B show - and in other luminaires soon to be announced. For more information on the FL300, you can read the product brochure here.

Posted: Mar 29,2014 by Ron Mertens