IVAAIU, a Korean architectural design firm has applied OLED lighting panels (made by LG Chem) to a traditional Korean Hanok house. OLEDs were chosen because they offer excellent light quality (no UV, high CRI, no glare) and can be installed while maintaining the buildings as is.

LG Chem tells us that they are currently seeking additional partnerships to further demonstrate the benefits that OLED lighting can bring to traditional architecture and heritage projects. It is great to see that OLED lighting can be used in such traditional settings - as it's actually the most natural light source currently in use.



Lighting panels

I picture a time in the not too distant future that instead of OLED panels being installed on the sheetrock, they effectively BECOME the sheetrock...if you look at the picture of this house (before the video starts) you will see a bunch of white sheetrock in between hewn beams....how pleasing would the light be if ALL of that "sheetrock" were actually OLED panels.  Awesome!


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