E2M introduces new OLED lighting kits based on Philips & OSRAM panels

E2M Technology is introducing two OLED lighting kits based on OLED panels made by Philips and OSRAM. The first kit is called White Amethyst, and includes a 4cmx4cm Philips' Lumiblade white square panel (like the one we reviewed a while back). The kit includes one OLED panel, a driver and PC software (which can alter the lights luminosity level and program lighting sequences for up to four OLEDs via USB port). The kit also includes an on-board light sensor. It costs £459. Here's a sample art-piece that E2M is showing, using the White Amethyst kit:

The second kit is called White Sapphire, and this one is based around OSRAM's ORBEOS panel (here's our review of the ORBEOS). The ORBEOS is larger (a circle, 79mm diameter) than the Philips' square panel. The kit is otherwise pretty much the same, with the same driver and software. It costs £609.

Posted: Jun 16,2010 by Ron Mertens