The US Department of Energy (DoE) announced new SBIR and STTR grants for solid state lighting projects. The DoE announced five new grants out of which two are related to OLED technologies.

Pixelligent Technologies were awarded an SBIR project titled "Light Extraction for OLED Lighting with 3-D Gradient Index". This project will explore the application of a novel and unique 3D gradient index (GRIN) layer to improve the efficiency and lifetime of OLED devices. Using such a unique structure, OLEDs could be produced that achieve the theoretical maximum extraction efficiency.

In this early stage, Pixelligent will demonstrate the performance and possible manufacturing method by using a laboratory-scale inkjet printer to prepare a functional three-dimensional GRIN layer for incorporation into an OLED test device made by OLEDWorks.

The second SBIR, titled "OLED Lighting Substrate and Encapsulation System for Breakthrough Cost Reductions" was awarded to OLEDWorks. This project aims to develop a new substrate and encapsulation process that will eliminate the need to pattern the anode layer, cut the number of different masks in half and increase the lit area of the panel. OLEDWOrks will use a relatively new electrical attachment technology to form an hermetic seal around the OLED lighting area.

During this first step, OLEDWOrks will demonstrate a complete proof-of-principle for this novel substrate and encapsulation system. In the second phase, OLEDWorks will scale up the technology and will launch commercial products.

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