DisplaySearch says 77,000 OLED TVs were sold in 2014, generating $280 million in revenue

DisplaySearch estimates that 77,000 OLED TVs were sold worldwide in 2014, generating $280 million in revenue. Most of these TVs, of course were sold by LG Electronics. DisplaySearch says that in 2013 only about 4,500 OLED TVs were sold (so the market grew 17-fold in terms of units, and 5.5-fold in terms of revenue - as prices dropped sharply).

LG 55-inch FHD OLED TV

DisplaySearch breaks down sales by quarter - 4,600 units in Q1 2014, 13,500 in Q2, 16,900 in Q3 and 42,400 in Q4. DisplaySearch also details sales by region: 30.7% were sold in Western Europe, 18.4% in Asia and the Pacific regions, 18.4 in North America, 11.1% in China, 8.7% in Easter Europe , 8.2% in the Middle East and Africa and 5% in South America.

Posted: Mar 09,2015 by Ron Mertens