DisplaySearch: 242 million OLEDs will be produced in 2012 and generate $5.93 billion

DisplaySearch says that the global OLED market is expected to grow to 242.5 million units in 2012, up 128% compared to 2011. Revenue will reach $5.93 billion, up 102% from last year (which means that DisplaySearch sees a rather drastic price drops in OLEDs, as average panel size will most likely go up in 2012 as OLEDs start to appear in tablets and TVs).

Toshiba OLED tablet prototype

DisplaySearch sees 176.5 million OLED for smartphone displays in 2012, up from 81.3 million in 2010. In 2013, OLED for smartphones will reach 261 million units.

In April 2011, DisplaySearch estimated that mobile phone AMOLED panels will reach 212 million units in 2 012, and generate $6.4 billion in revenue. This means that they have upped their unit estimate but lowered the revenue estimate.

Posted: Mar 08,2012 by Ron Mertens