DisplayMate: Samsung yet again improved its AMOLED displays, the Note 9 has the best mobile display ever

DisplayMate posted a review of Samsung's latest OLED display - the 6.4" 1440x2960 (516 PPI) flexible Super AMOLED used in the Galaxy Note 9. As we've seen many times before, Samsung managed to significantly improve its OLED quality - and DisplayMate says that this is the best mobile display ever tested.

In the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung concentrated on significantly raising the on-screen absolute picture quality and absolute color accuracy by implementing precision factory display calibration. This could have been a response to the excellent calibration done by Apple in the iPhone X.

The Galaxy Note 9 set several new display records - including the absolute color accuracy (at a very impressive 0.5 JNCD - visually indistinguishable from perfect). Other records include the highest peak display brightness (1,050 nits, with 710 nits at 100% APL), the largest native color gamut (113% DCI-P3 and 142% sRGB / Rec.709), the lowest screen reflectance (4.4%) and the highest contrast in ambient light.

Posted: Aug 13,2018 by Ron Mertens