CSoT signs a long-term material supply agreement with Universal Display

TCL subsidiary China Star Optoelectronics (CSoT) signed an OLED technology license agreement and material purchase agreement with Universal Display (UDC). UDC will supply phosphorescent OLED materials CSoT to be used in its display products.

CSoT is currently producing flexible OLEDs in its T4 line which has a monthly capacity of 45,000 6-Gen substrates. Last week it was reported that CSoT is planning to build a new flexible OLED production line in Wuhan, in a $1.4 billion investment.

In 2019 CSoT demonstrated its latest OLED technologies - including foldable OLEDs, ink-jet printed OLEDs, transparent OLEDs and OLEDs that use perovskite quantum dots as a color conversion film.

Posted: May 08,2020 by Ron Mertens