Dash-Insights is an independent technology market research and consulting company founded by global display expert Sweta Dash in 2015 focusing on entire display value chain and emerging display technology markets including flexible OLED and Quantum Dot.

Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor develops mixed-signal circuits for personal portable, short-range wireless, lighting, display and automotive applications.

Dialog developed a PMOLED driving technology called SmartXtend that included multi-line addressing scheme, pre-charge schemes and accurate dynamic current matching. Dialog said that SmartXtend enabled longer lifetime, lower voltage and higher resolution displays (up to 432x240, currently).

Dialog offered two PMOLED drivers both offering SmartXtend, the DA8620 (320x240) and the DA8622 (432x240). The DA8620 was used in Lenovo's S-800 to drive a TDK 2" transparent PMOLED display.

Dialog is no longer offering the SmartXtend driver ICs.

Dialog Semiconductor is based in Germany and the company is listed in the Frankfurt stock exchange (ticker DLG).

Display Future

Display Future Ltd is a supplier of display modules, following fair-trade policies. This means that they take relatively small margins, leaving the profit to the actual module manufacturer.


DisplaySearch was a research company focused on flat-panel display market research and consulting.

In October 2014 DisplaySearch was acquired by IHS.

DLC Display

DLC Display logoDLC Display, based in Shenzhen China offers small and medium display modules. The company offers full-color and monochrome PMOLED displays (produced by Irico).

Doosan Mecatec

Doosan Mecatec (formerly Doosan DND) is a subsidiary of Doosan Group which boasts about its 109-year of history as the longest running company in Korea.

Doosan Mecatec makes AMOLED manufacturing equipment (Gen-3.5). We're not sure if it is still selling those machines though.

Dow Chemical Company

Dow Chemical (NYSE: DOW) is one of the largest chemical companies in the world, providing materials for industries such as electronics, water, energy, coating and agriculture.

Dow develops and supplies organic stack materials for OLED displays. In 2015 Dow Chemical merged with DuPont to create DowDuPont.


DowDuPont logoUS-based DowDuPont was established in 2015 as a merger between DuPont and Dow Chemical. The new company was a material company active in agriculture, materials science and specialty products.

18 months after the merger, DowDupont was split into three companies, and Dupont and Dow became public companies again.


DuPont is a science-based producer that is involved in many markets including materials, plastics, electronics, energy, medical and transportation. Dupont is a public company that trades on the NYSE (ticker: DD).

Dupont is also involved in displays - and is developing innovative and sustainable solutions that improve display performance, reduce production costs and enable next-generation technologies across a broad range of applications,.

DuPont has been developing OLED materials and process solutions for many years, active in both evaporable and soluble materials. In 2015 DuPont built a state-of-the-art scale-up facility to produce OLED materials. Dupont has also developed a new manufacturing process that use a 'spray-printer' together with Dai Nippon Screen - which may lead the way towards cheap OLED TVs.

Dynamic Organic Light

Dynamic Organic Light (founded in 2003 and based in Colorado, USA) was focused on developing and commercializing advanced materials for OLED displays, lighting panels and organic solar cells.

We're not sure if this company still exists, as their web site is no longer working.

Eastman Kodak

Eastman Kodak Company is engaged primarily in developing, manufacturing and marketing traditional and digital imaging products, services and solutions. OLEDs were originally discovered, developed and patented by Kodak, and the company has been involved in licensing and producing OLED screens. Kodak released the world's first camera to use an AMOLED screen, have released the largest (7.6") OLED photo frame and have licensed its OLED technology to over 20 companies.

We have published two interviews with Kodak's OLED systems, one about OLED display and one about OLED lighting. In September 2009, Kodak sent us an update on their OLED lighting and displays program.

Everest Scientific

Everest Scientific logoEverest Scientific, based in the US, was a chemicals and raw materials supplier for several industries.

For the OLED market, the company used to provide intermediate materials. It seems as if the company is no longer in business.


Glyn logoGLYN is a reseller of Display & System solutions, components and Multimedia in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Glyn was founded in 1981, and is based in Idstein in Germany (near Frankfurt/Main).

GLYN offers PMOLED and AMOLED displays, and developed its own evaluation boards for OLED displays.


Goodfellow logo Goodfellow supplies pure metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers and composites as discs, sheets, foils, rods, wires and tubes, etc., to the research (R&D) and industrial markets. Goodfellow has a stock of over 45,000 catalogue items, and have sold several materials to OLED companies including ITO, cadmium, gold and polymers.

Hyundai LCD

Hyundai LCD has been making LCDs since 1998 (as a division of Hyundai Electronics Industries). The company became independent on 2002 and is focused on display production. It is branding itself as HYeLCD.

HYeLCD used to also offer PMOLED panels, but it seems that they no longer do.