Is Apple's upcoming "Dark-Mode" iOS GUI hinting an OLED iPhone?

Rumors of an upcoming OLED iPhone are nothing new - in fact it seems rather certain that Apple will use OLEDs in future iPhones - perhaps as early as next year. A developer discovered a new "Dark Mode" setting in the iOS 10 simulator.

In this mode, the settings application has a dark background and white text. According to 9to5Mac, this feature is a "hugely-requested" user feature - but it will also be very useful in an OLED iPhone as it will require much less power compared to a white UI.

Is this another indication that Apple aims to adopt OLEDs in future iPhones? Maybe. It certainly does not mean the opposite...

Posted: Jun 21,2016 by Ron Mertens


A potential interesting consequence of Apple using OLED in iPhone is that Apple could then start using OLED in its monitors (or at least in MacBooks). Currently we have just one OLED monitor by Dell, and it’s apparently postponed, while OLED-powered laptops available so far have too small display size.

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