Panasonic and Toshiba work together towards an HD OLED TV in 2 years

According to Smarthouse, Panasonic has confirmed that they are working with Toshiba towards an HD OLED TV. It will be ready within 18 months to 2 years. Toshiba has confirmed this as well.

The last we heard about Panasonic is that they are still skeptical about OLED TVs. Also they have sold their stake in TMDisplay (who is focusing on OLEDs) to Toshiba. According to Smarthouse, Panasonic are concerned about the lifetime of OLEDs, but the technology has improved much in that respect

Smarthouse are also behind the Apple-LG-OLED rumors. Time will tell if they are right...

Posted: Apr 29,2009 by Ron Mertens


Quote: " but the technology has approved much in this respect"

You must mean "improved" rather than "approved"?

Thanks man, you're right. I fixed that.