Astron Fiamm shows a new OLED-Lighting car concept

Astron Fiamm has created a new car concept (called Car.Bones) that uses OLED Lighting: headlights, inside-lighting, turn indicators, and more. Alessandro Dolcetta, Astron FIAMM's co-found says that "OLED opens up a new era of by Astron Fiamm products lighting ‘signatures’, and this light-modeling capacity enables us to help our clients and especially car manufacturers to create a endless variety of visual product offers."

Car.Bones ay Astron Fiamm photo

Car.bones can be visited from the 2nd October to the 17th October at the Paris Auto show Mondial de l’Auto 2010. More photos of this OLED-Car concept be be seen below:

Car.Bones ay Astron Fiamm front photoCar.Bones front photo

Car.Bones ay Astron Fiamm turn indicator photoCar.Bones turn indicator
Back in May we interviewed BlackBody's CTO, Bruno Dussert-Vidalet. Blackbody is a daughter company of Astron Fiamm, selling OLED lamps.
Posted: Sep 30,2010 by Ron Mertens


Wow - that's a cool concept - I wonder when can we really expect OLED in cars?