Google working on a new Android 4 phone, to sport a Super AMOLED HD display?

Reports start to emerge about an upcoming Google phone that will be the first one to use their Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS. Interestingly, these report say that the display will be a "Super AMOLED HD" (that's the first time we heard that description). Some say that this large display will support 720p HD video (1280x720). This is a very high resolution for a mobile phone - perhaps there is some mix-up between this device and a new tablet from Google?

Google Nexus S

If Google are indeed working on a new phone or tablet device, surely more details will emerge, and we'll keep you updated on that mysterious Super AMOLED HD display!

Posted: Jun 28,2011 by Ron Mertens


could this HD screen be the previously mentioned laser-induced thermal imaging (LITI)-produces AMOLED screens? (

also saw the other day, that Samsung actually put a plant into production that produces these screen thise high-res displays - lost the URL though...

LITI can make higher-resolution displays (around 300ppi, much higher than the current method Samsung is using) - but I don't think we should expect Samsung's LITI AMOLEDs any time soon... 

You never know, it sure seems like a logical conclusion.  Does their new AMOLED factory not have LITI equipment?

The new factory (the Gen-5.5 one) does not use LITI. But like you say, you never know ;-)