Why organic electronics is better

Here's a funny video (presented by the EU COLEA project) showing why organic electronics (including OLED lighting and displays) is better:

Posted: Jun 11,2012 by Ron Mertens


... that COLEA would not demonstrate actual products in a video like that but rely very heavily on visual effects. If this was just a student short film with the intention to amuse people, it would be one thing. But as an actual "infomercial" that is supposed to actually demonstrate the capabilities of organic electronics - horrible!


I've explained it on Youtube already but since there might apparently be censorship going on in the comments for this video, I'll post the explanation here again for good measure:

"Partly fake and thus at best an amusing short film and at worst a misleading piece of marketing.
For those who aren't? digital artists: For one thing, there are zero reflections in the organic touch screen. And whoever did this didn't check his renders properly. There's a change in the shadow the display casts from frame right before to 01:18:00.

The big poster-like screen at the end is transparent in the close up but opaque gray in the wide shot. Plus: bad keying - you can see? a very pronounced outline around the guy and there is motion blur missing on his head where he is in front of the screen."

I think it's obvious that the organic displays are a fake. But the point was probably to make a funny movie to get people notice OE...