TCL plans a 8.5-Gen Oxide-TFT OLED TV fab in Shenzhen

In July 2013, Chinese media reported that TCL's CSOT subsidiary is planning to establish a 8.5-Gen OLED TV fab. Today JRJ reports that TCL announced it it will invest 24.4 billion yuan (just over $4 billion) to build the new 8.5-Gen TV fab in Shenzhen. the fab will be owned by CSOT (Shenzhen Huaxing Photoelectric Technology).

This fab (called Huaxing Power Two) will have two lines, one for a-Si LCDs (70,000 monthly substrates) and one for Oxide-TFT (OLED TV and LCD TV?) panels (30,000 monthly substrates). According to the report, construction of this fab will commence towards the end of 2013. TCL is yet to raise the money for this fab.

The report suggests that OLED technology isn't mature yet for TV applications and we shouldn't expect the 2nd line to begin operation in the near future as there are still technology hurdles.

Posted: Oct 28,2013 by Ron Mertens


the JRJ report said total capacity 100K. 70K for a-Si, 30K for OLED

Yes, you're right of course. I fixed my post, thanks.

JRJ said capacity of a-si backplane is 70k/M, Oxide-TFT backplane is 30K/M(partly for AMOLED), it doesn't the capacity of OLED is 30K/M. Actually all Oxide-TFT backplane are only for AMOLED doesn't make sense.