UDC establishes a subsidiary to advance OVJP commercialization

Universal Display established a new subsidiary, called OVJP Corporation, that will advance the commercialization of UDC's OVJP OLED TV manufacturing technology.

OVJP stands for Organic Vapor Jet Printing, and the basic idea is to use a gas-stream based process that resembles ink-jet printing but one that uses evaporation OLED materials. In an OVJP process, the OLED materials are evaporated into a carrier gas that delivers them to a jet engine for direct printing of patterned OLED layers.

OVJP is intended for large-area OLED displays and can be scaled up to 10-Gen substrates according to UDC. UDC, which will still handle OVJP R&D activities, is now working on printing full-color 4K RGB PHOLED panels.

Posted: Jul 15,2020 by Ron Mertens


Ron, don't they need a phosphorescent blue for OVJP?

Not necessarily - it will likely be be possible to print a fluorescent OLED with OVJP.