CombOLED transparent white OLED video

A few weeks ago, the CombOLED project (together with CEA-LETI, a French research laboratory) has announced a new efficient transparent white OLED. They have sent us a short video clip now of this display:

This is a Small-Molecule OLED, with a 5x5 cm2 active emitting area, which is deposited using thermal evaporation and encapsulated using ultra-thin layers. It's about 65%-70% transparent. More information on this panel can be found here.

Hopefully we'll be able to bring more information from CombOLED soon.

Posted: Sep 24,2009 by Ron Mertens


I love in Portugal. I can't watch youtube because this is a private video and isn't free. :S

Sorry about that, it is now working.

I already watch!
thanks! ;)