CNet is reviewing Apple's iPhone 5s against Motorola's Moto X smartphone. This week they are comparing the display. The reviewer says that the Moto X display (a 4.7" 720p AMOLED, 316 ppi, non PenTile) is excellent and it may be time for Apple to consider using AMOLEDs in their products.

CNet correctly explains why Apple cannot yet use OLEDs though: there's a single supplier (SDC) with limited capacity, OLEDs still cost more than LCDs and they are more power hungry. These things will improve in the future, and the reviewer concludes that "Apple would be stupid not to use the display technology down the road".

The Moto X is now available in the US for $179 with a contract or $629 without. Other features, besides customer customization of colors include a 1.7Ghz dual-core CPU, quad-core GPU, two dedicated processors (for language interpretation and contextual sensors computing), 2GB of RAM, 16/32GB flash memory and a 10-mp camera. Last month Motorola said they now assemble over 400,000 Moto X phones each month.

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