Apple introduced two new iPhone smartphones: the high end 5s and the "colorful" 5C. Both phones use the same display used in the iPhone5: a 4" 1136x640 (326 ppi) Retina LCD display.

The new iPhone 5s sports a 64-bit A7 CPU, the new M7 chip (monitoring motion data in real-time), LTE, a new image sensor 15% larger than before and a 170-micron-thick fingerprint sensor built into the Home button. The 5C is a plastic polycarbonate colorful phone that basically has the same hardware as the iPhone 5.



Why is this featured on OLED

Why is this featured on OLED Info?

Well, I think Apple's choice

Well, I think Apple's choice of iPhone display is interesting for anyone interested in next-gen displays. We're all waiting for the first OLED product from Apple...

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