Global AMOLED Panel Shipment TrendGlobal AMOLED Panel Shipment TrendAMOLED Panel Shipments were 7.1 Million units in the First Half of 2008 and Minimum 10 Million units (possible 12M) are Expected to be Shipped for the Second Half of 2008
  • Shipments of 4.34 million units in 2Q, 2008 which portray rapid growth from the starting point of 4Q, 2007
  • Samsung SDI to dominate shipments, about 90% of the entire 2Q, 2008 shipments
  • 2H, 2008 shipments expected to be minimum 10 million units, possibly more than 12 million units

AMOLED, so called "Dream Display" panel global shipments recorded 7.1 million units during the first half of 2008 and forecasted to be more than 10 million units during the latter half of 2008.

Samsung SDI is known for dominating the AMOLED shipment area and analyzed to have 90% share of the entire 2Q, 2008 shipments. Taiwan's CMEL, LG Display and Sony are known to gradually increase their shipments.

Displaybank forecasted rather smooth AMOLED market entry situation as many mobile phone manufacturers are either applied or plan to apply AMOLED in their mobile phone models and many AMOLED demands appear in Digital Camera, Digital Photo Frame, PMP and Indicating Devices.

Displaybank expects 3 million units per month in shipments will be possible in early 2009.


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