China-based OLED microdisplay maker Lumicore raises $100 million in its Series A funding round

Shanghai-based OLED microdisplay maker Lumicore announced that it has closed its series-A funding round, raising $100 million. Lumicore will use the funds to ramp-up its 8-inch production line in Nanjing, and introduce its first products to market.

Lumicore developed several OLED microdisplays, including a 2K 144Hz 1.32" display.  The company is also developing 4K microdisplays.


Our upcoming OLED Toolbox will provide more details on all OLED microdisplay projects in China, and all over the world, as the OLED microdisplay industry is experiencing a rapid expansion.

Posted: Feb 03,2024 by Ron Mertens