A few weeks ago we reported that Samsung's Cheil Industries will invest 100 billion won (about $92 million) and build an OLED material facility in Kumi, Korea. Now we hear reports that the company indeed announced plans for an OLED material production line, but total investment will be 19.9 billion won (about $18 USD million).

Cheil Industries plans to produce Electron Transport Layer (ETL), Hole Transport Layer (HTL) and Organic Insulator (PDL) materials for AMOLED displays. About $9.7 million will go into the ETL and HTL facilities, and the rest ($8.3 million) will be used to build the PDL production line. Cheil plans to supply materials for Samsung Mobile Display in the second half of 2011.

Interestingly, the report says that these materials will be used for medium-sized AMOLED panels. Hopefully Samsung is reconsidering their plan to delay the AMOLED tablet to 2012. Or perhaps these medium-sized AMOLEDs will be used by Apple's iPad-3? Cheil have successfully developed ETL materials for large OLED panels, too, but these won't be produced at this stage.

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