BOE to start producing AMOLED displays with laser-cut holes

Samsung's Galaxy S10 smartphone family introduced the world's first OLED displays with round holes cut into the display to house the front cameras- which is seen as an improvement over notch-type displays.

Samsung Galaxy S10 photo

Up until now Samsung Display was the only company that had the technology to create such displays, but now it is reported that China's BOE is gearing up to produce its own OLED displays with camera holes.

According to a report in China BOE has already secured the advanced laser and TFT technologies, and it expects to start installing its laser equipment (from Korea-based LG AES) and start producing hole-cut OLEDs by the end of 2019, at BOE's B7 flexible OLED line in Chengdu, China.
Posted: Jun 01,2019 by Ron Mertens