BOE demonstrates its first ink-jet printed OLED TV prototype

BOE is hosting its Global Innovation Partner Conference 2018 (BOE IPC-2018, which invited experts from all over the world to see BOE's latest technology and future trends.

BOE 55'' printed OLED TV prototype (IPC-2018)

During the event, BOE unveiled an ink-jet printed 55" UHD OLED TV prototype. This is the first time that BOE demonstrated an ink-jet printed TV (in May 2018 BOE unveiled 5.5" FHD flexible AMOLED which was also produced using a printing process).

According to reports, in June 2018 BOE started to establish an R&D production line (in Hefei) that uses Kateeva's inkjet deposition equipment. It is likely that this new display was produced at BOE's Hefei line.

During the event, BOE also updated that its focus in 2019 will be to accelerate its flexible OLED development. The construction of BOE's B11 6-Gen Mianyang flexible OLED production line is "proceeding in an orderly manner".

Posted: Nov 07,2018 by Ron Mertens


Assuming lifetimes are similar to other technologies, I would think that this will bring costs way down. It will be interesting to see how much these cost when they reach the market. I've been waiting for these to hit the market for some time.

I also hope that they start producing monitors, too.