BOE announces plans for its fourth flexible OLED line, in Fuzhou, Fujian

Earlier this month we reported that BOE started to construct its 3rd 6-Gen flexible AMOLED production line in Chongqing's Liangjiang district (the B12 line). The Chongqing line will join BOE's first flexible 6-Gen OLED fab in Chengdu (the B7) and its second line in Mianyang.

BOE now announced plans for another large investment in a new flexible OLED fab, this one in Fuzhou, Fujian. This fab will be similar to BOE's other fabs - a 6-Gen (1500×1850 mm) line with a capacity of 48,000 substrates. The investment will total 46.5 billion Yuan (about $6.75 billion USD). This fourth line will bring BOE's total flexible OLED capacity to 192,000 monthly substrates.

This is the first time we hear of this new fab. BOE's announcement says it already signed the framework agreement for this investment with Fuzhou's municipal government and local investment groups - but this still needs approval of BOE's board of director and the document only serves as a basis for future negotiations of all parties involved.

BOE does not detail exact dates for this project, but it says it will take 3 years to achieve mass production, from the moment the project is initiated.

Posted: Dec 26,2018 by Ron Mertens