Sumitomo Chemical to Acquire Lumation LEPs from Dow

Sumitomo Chemical and The Dow Chemical Company announced today that Sumitomo Chemical has purchased the LUMATION Light-Emitting Polymers (LEPs) business from Dow. Financial terms were not disclosed. Sumitomo Chemical's acquisition of LUMATION LEPs will strengthen the company's LEP technology-based business, in line with its strategy.

Sumitomo Chemical has developed fluorescent and phosphorescent LEPs based on the company's long-established display material and conducting polymer technology. Sumitomo Chemical's blue-color material achieved 10,000 hours of brightness half-life. The material is ideal for a printing method, a much simpler and more cost effective production process for large-sized displays than the vacuum deposition method used for small-molecular OLEDs. The company is also developing highly efficient new materials such as dendrimers in cooperation with Cambridge Display Technology.

Posted: May 16,2005 by Ron Mertens