Blackbody is introducing a new OLED lamp, called MGR. It uses 48 white and 24 red OLEDs. The overall active OLED area is 6.480cm², and the lamp fills a volume of 2.90m x 0.85m x 0.70m. It is actually a chandelier, hung from the ceiling:

The MGR was designed by Bruno Lefebvre. Here's how he describes his design: MGR is an OLED banner, an expression of Blackbody. This new language of light, gives us building blocks to conceive simple or complex, white and colored light compositions. The arrangement in the three axes XYZ of one single module reminds of the “L40” iconic masterpiece from the 1920’s, designed by Gerrit Rietveld, functional and cultural origins of the MGR. We have named our creation MGR (Merci Gerrit Rietveld) to thank our fathers, like Gilles Derain and other famous lamp designers did in the past.

The MGR is now shipping (Blackbody says they are already selling them), sold on special requests directly from Blackbody. Blackbody told us that every piece is different, as each client can change the number of modules, colors, dynamics, etc.

A month ago we interviewed Blackbody's CTO, Bruno Dussert-Vidalet.