BCDTek completes the building construction of its upcoming K2 OLED microdisplay fab in Huainan

In 2022, OLED microdisplay developer BCDTEK announced its plans to construct a 12-inch OLED microdisplay production site in Huainan, China. The new fab, at full capacity, will have a production capacity of 20,000 monthly substrates, and a total investment of 6.5 billion Yuan ($970 million USD).

The first phase of this fab (the K2 line), is now in construction, and the company announced that the building itself is now complete. The total investment in the first phase, which will have a monthly capacity of 4,000 wafers, will cost 1.5 billion Yuan ($210 million USD). 


The company estimates that it will be able to generate yearly sales of 3.5 billion Yuan ($490 million USD) when the fab is complete. This seems optimistic, as the current OLED microdisplay industry seems to be headed into a oversupply situation, with many new players, mainly in China and Korea, building new production lines. It is hoped that major consumer electronics companies, such as Apple, Meta, Samsung and others will launch OLED microdisplays powered VR headsets in the near future.

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Posted: Dec 24,2023 by Ron Mertens