AUO's mobile solution BU manager Dr. T.K. Wu says that OLED penetration in the smartphone sector will reach over 10% in 2012, and he expects OLED panel prices to drop in the next two years - to the point where small to medium sized panel prices will be comparable to LCDs.

Dr. Wu also predicts that OLED panels will be adopted for smartphones and TV applications, but they may not be used in notebook and monitors "due to factors in the IT industry and price competition".

AUO will soon start producing 4" to 5" AMOLED panels (Q2 2012), aimed toward smartphone applications. The price of these panels will be around $45-$55 - about 90% higher than an equivalent LTPS LCD. Reports suggest that AUO is collaborating with Sony while other reports say that HTC secured AUO's entire OLED capacity.

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