A few days ago it was reported that AUO is collaborating with Sony on OLED production , and today the Chinese Commercial Times reports that Sony will buy all of AUO's AMOLED production capacity in the near term. Sony will use AUO's 4.3" AMOLED panels in upcoming mobile phones. This contradicts earlier reports that HTC secured AUO's entire capacity.

AUO's original plan was to produce AMOLEDs in Q2 2011, but the company delayed this due to technical issues (apparently the company couldn't get the yields of the vacuum evaporation deposition of the organic layers high enough). It is suggested that Sony's engineers are assisting AUO with those technical issues.

We'll probably know more soon as AUO will start producing 4" to 5" AMOLED panels in Q2 2012, aimed toward smartphones. The panels will feature 250-300 ppi (without pentile). The panels use an LTPS substrate and will be produced in AUO's 3.5-Gen line in Hsinchu, Taiwan. In the second half of 2013, AUO's 4.5-Gen AMOLED Line in Singapore (at AFPD) will start producing panels as well.