AUO finally starts mass producing AMOLEDs (1.63", 4.3" and 5" panels)

Taiwan's AU Optronics has been struggling with AMOLED production for years now, but finally the company started mass production of two AMOLED panels: a 1.63" 320x320 panel for wearable devices (smart watches), a 4.3" 480x272 panel and a 4.97" 1280x720 panel. Towards the end of 2014, AUO will also release a 5.46" Full-HD panel.

This is great news for the OLED industry and for everyone who wants to adopt AMOLEDs in their products. Please contact us if you want to find a supplier for these OLEDs.

AU Optronics is producing those new panels at their AFPD Gen-4.5 LTPS fab in Singapore that has been converted to AMOLED production. It's not clear what the company's capacity is at the moment, but I understand they can already produce over a million 1.63" panels and over 150,000 of the 4.3" panels per month. AUO's board recently approved $100 million in funding for the AFPD OLED fab.

Back in May, AUO updated that it is sampling mobile phone panels and have provided samples to Chinese phones makers. A month later OLEDNet speculated that Gionee's GN9005 smartphone uses a 4.8" 720p AMOLED produced by AUO. As far as I know AUO does not produce a 4.8" panel. AUO is also developing OLED TVs, but they do not have any plans for mass production yet.

Posted: Aug 13,2014 by Ron Mertens


Do you have a source for this info?  The Digitimes article only mentions the 1.6" displays.  It would be good news if AUO was finally starting to ship smartphone sized displays.  


As I said in the post, I'm in contact with a supplier that sells these displays (although this is not public yet), and they confirmed AUO is in mass production now, for those three displays (1.63", 4.3", 4.97").