AUO's president Paul Peng made some interesting comments regarding OLED TVs during AUO's recent quarterly conference call. First of all, Peng says that while AUO "acknowledges" the active OLED TV programs by Samsung and LG, he is still waiting for the market reaction. Peng says that from the customer perspective, OLEDs are getting more and more similar to OLEDs in terms of resolution, color, slim for factor, curve and bezel.

AUO 65'' AMOLED TV prototype photoAUO 65-inch AMOLED panel prototype

Peng says that while AUO has been "continuously developing large size OLED TVs", there have no plans for mass production yet. They still regard OLEDs as a solution for high-end customers only, and the company is still "observing the tend".

We already know that Peng is not very optimistic regarding OLED TVs - back in 2013 he said that large-size OLED panels will take years to enter the market, and in fact OLED TVs may end up like SED and FED TVs which never really entered the market.

Obviously I do not agree with Peng. I think that anyone who've seen an OLED TV agree it is breathtaking - and all the published reviews on OLED TV stated that these are the best TVs, ever. We've seen LG lower the price of their 55" OLED TV by almost 80% in less than a year, and when mass production arrives towards the end of 2014 (together with 4K panels), the price gap between OLEDs and LCD will be reduced further.

We also have to remember that AUO had been struggling with small AMOLED mass production for years now. The most recent report suggest that the company finally started mass production and even has their first customer.



Thank you for not agreeing with Peng

Thank you for not agreeing with Peng. He just want to milk consumer money with ancient LCD tech which should be much cheaper to produce, yet being sold at a ridiculous price and profit margin. Translation to his comment of "observing the trend": His company didn't have the tech to produce big OLED at reasonable yield. Hence his effor to keep downplaying the OLED.

It's up to site like this to educate consumer about the benefits. The more consumer know about OLED, they will demand it. Lower price is definitely help as well. Ancient LCD tech will never be similar to OLED, even when they trying for another 50 or even 100 years. The current best LCD not even able to surpass the best plasma when it comes to picture quality.

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