August 2022

UBI: OLED emitting material sales will reach $1.81 billion in 2022

UBI Research says that OLED emitting material sales amounted to $412 million in the second quarter of 2022, up 7.8% from last year. Sales decreased about 2.1% from Q1 2022.

OLED emitting material sales (2Q21-2Q22, UBI)

UBI says that the sales of OLED panels were seasonably low in the second quarter (compared to Q1), but this was somewhat offset due to favorable exchange rates, and supply of new materials with higher prices.


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Samsung to increase its QD-OLED production capacity by year's end, will introduce 77-inch and 49-inch panels

Samsung Display says that it managed to increase its QD-OLED production yields to around 85% (up from 75% in April). The company plans to introduce new technologies and processes that will enable it to increase its production capacity from 30,000 monthly substrates to almost 40,000 at the same production line.

Samsung Display will so increase its QD-OLED production capacity by 30%. The main step to achieve this is the reduction of TAKT time (the time it takes to produce one panel).

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Samsung Display aims to mass produce OLED microdisplays by 2024, full commeriability by 2026

Last month Samsung Display confirmed it is developing OLED microdisplays, and now the company provides more details on its plans.

Samsung OLED microdisplay roadmap slide (2022-08, SDC)

Samsung admits it is still at an early stage of development, and it says it will start building its first line (with likely limited capacity) in 2023. By 2024 it will mass produce displays, and in 2025 it will expand capacity so that by 2026 it will achieve full commercialization.

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OLED material maker Margik raises around $1 million on Unicorn Hunters

US-based Margik (previously Light and Charge Solutions) was featured at the Unicorn Hunters second season episode 14, and the company ended up raising 10 million Unicoins (a cryptocurrency initiated by the show, that is currently worth $1 million).

Margik, established in 2019, designs next-generation electron and hole transport materials (ETM, HTL) for organic electronic devices, including OLED lighting and display panels. The company says its materials offer high thermal stability and high resistance to moisture. Margik collaborates with Inuru to produce OLED based flexible "stickers".

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Samsung Display's CEO confirms plans for a 8-Gen IT OLED production line, to begin operations in 2024

Samsung Display's CEO Choi Joo-sun says that the company sees a great potential for OLED displays in the IT market (mainly notebook and monitor displays), and that Samsung is building a new 8-Gen (2200x2500 mm) production line which will begin production in 2024. The glass efficiency at 8-Gen (uncut glass) will be 20% higher compared to Samsung's 6-Gen lines.

Samsung Display 8-Gen IT OLED line slide (2022-08)

This new fab was already reported last year, but this is the first time we officially hear a commitment from SDC. According to DSCC, there are over 10 8.5-Gen OLED lines under consideration now in the industry, as demand for OLED panels for laptops, tablets and monitors is o the rise. Samsung is the current leader in OLED IT displays.


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LG is developing medium-sized WOLED panels for gaming monitors

Earlier this month we reported that LG Display aims to start making 20-inch OLED panels, but we did not know the technology that LGD will adopt - WOLED (from its 8.5-Gen TV lines) or RGB (from its pOLED 6-Gen lines).

LGD now says that it is indeed developing panels for gaming monitors, with sizes ranging from 20-inch to 30-inch. The company also disclosed that these will be WOLED panels, produced at its 8.5-Gen lines. LGD also confirms that the first panels will be released by the end of 2022.

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LG Display and SK Hynix to collaborate on OLED microdisplay production

According to a report from Korea, LG Display and SK Hynix has agreed to collaborate on OLED microdisplay development and production. The two companies are at the final stage of negotiations.

If this goes through, SK Hynix will produce the backplane silicon wafers, while LG Display will handle the OLED frontplane deposition and encapsulation.

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Computing material properties for OLED device simulations

This is a sponsored post by Nanomatch

To enable efficient design and improvement of OLED materials and device, the Nanomatch
software computes material properties and parameters such as HOMO, LUMO, excitation spectra,
transition moments, etc. from first principles.

Ab-initio simulation of blue OLEDs, Nanomatch

Recent improvements in the ab-initio computation of material parameters enable the accurate
computation of IV and EQE of state-of-the-art OLED devices. This was demonstrated for a recently
reported exceptionally stable blue OLED.

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Sewon to commercialize OLED-based phototherapy solutions to treat pain and various skin conditions

Korea-based Sewon NC announced that it is entering the OLED-based optical patch business, based on technology developed by Kwangbio and Korea's KAIST institute.

KAIST-ERC OLED light therapy engineering center image

We do not have many details, but apparently Professor Kyung-cheol Choi from KAIST developed OLED optical patches for phototherapy that can be used to treat pain and encourage skin regeneration. Following an investment agreement, Sewon NC has secured the rights to produce and sell the OLED patches.

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BOE says its OLED production in Sichuan is limited due to power rationing, but no major impact

As Sichuan province in China suffers from a record heat wave, and the local authorities announces power rationing, limiting power supply to factories in the area.

BOE 6-Gen Chengdu flexible AMOLED fab photo

BOE has two 6-Gen OLED production lines in Sichuan (the B7 line in Chengdu which started operation in 2017, and the line in Mianyang). The company says that it will have to "make adjustments" to its operations in both lines, but it does not expect any major impact on its operations.

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