July 2022

Mini shows a new EV concept with a large round OLED display, to adopt it in future cars

British car maker Mini Cooper unveiled a new concept EV, called the Aceman, that features several new technologies such as a LED Matrix displays, an internal projector that shows designs on the dashboard, and more.

MINI Aceman circular OLED display photo

The Mini Aceman also includes a large round AMOLED display, which is the main (and only, it seems) display in the car. According to Mini, this same display will be used in future production EVs. Hopefully we will have more information on this new display soon.

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Samsung develops a technology for AMOLED displays with multiple refresh rates

Samsung Display has developed a new technology that enables multiple refresh rates in AMOLED displays. The idea is that one can create several zones in the display, each with its own refresh rate.

Samsung Display AMOLED multiple refresh rates patent image

Driving at low refresh rates helps reduce the power consumption of the display and the new technology will be useful in scenarios in which a part of the screen needs high refresh rates (like video content embedded inside a web page).

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Samsung Electronics expects to increase its foldable smartphone sales

Samsung Electronics says that it expects its sales of foldable OLED devices to increase, and even exceed its annual historic Note series sales (which is now discontinued). The company is set to start offering foldable displays in mainstream devices.

Samsung Galaxy Fold photo

According to IDC, Samsung shipped around 190 million Note devices in total. So far, Samsung sold just over 10 million foldable phones, since launching the original Galaxy Fold in 2019. But if we look at specific phones, the gap is not so big: The last Note device, the Note 20, sold around 12 million units. The Note 10 sold around 14 million units. According to estimates, Samsung shipped around 8 million Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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Samsung reports its financial results for Q2 2022, with excellent earnings from SDC, confirms it is developing microdisplay technologies

Samsung Electronics reported its financial results for Q2 2022, with record second-quarter revenues of 77.2 trillion Won ($59 billion USD).

Samsung Display reported record second-quarter revenue and operating profit for mobile displays driven by solid demand from major customers. Samsung specifically mentions the growth in its laptop OLED business. Performance in the large panel business was weaker due to initial ramp-up costs of Samsung's QD-OLED displays, and a decline in LCD prices.

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LGD says the negotiations with Samsung over a WOLED supply agreement have stopped

LG Display's CFO, Mr. Kim Sung-hyun, said that the negotiations with Samsung Electronics towards a WOLED panel supply deal, has been halted. The companies made some progress over the past few months, but they haven't been able to reach an agreement.

Earlier this year it was reported that the two companies finally agreed on panel prices, but that report may have been incorrect. According to analysts, the two companies still may resume the talks in the near future.

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LG Display reports a loss in Q2 2022, to continue and unwind its LCD business

LG Display announced its financial results for Q2 2022, with a net loss of around $290 million (down from a profit of around $320 million a year ago) as the company's sales dropped 14.6%.

LG Display OLED EX Technology photo

LGD says that the loss was due to weak demand for TV and IT displays, coupled with supply chain issues and the lockdowns in China. LGD says it plans to continue and reduce its LCD TV business, and to stop LCD production in Korea in 2023, earlier than expected before. The company will focus instead on OLED TV panels and the automotive market, and will aim to open up new markets for transparent and gaming OLEDs.

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eMagin reports its Q2 2022 preliminary financial results

OLED microdisplay maker eMagin announced its preliminary financial results for the 2nd quarter of 2022. The company says it expects revenues to grow 11-14% compared to Q2 2022, to reach $7 to $7.2 million.

eMagin SXGA OLED-XL microdisplay photo

eMagin says that its strong performance was due to strength in its military business, as well as increased demand from medical companies. The strong sales were partially offset by a decrease in contract revenues. As of June 30, 2022, the Company’s backlog of open orders was $14.3 million, including $12.8 million of orders that were shippable within 12 months.

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A new version of OLED-Info's Transparent OLED and MicroLED Market report released

Today we published a new edition of our Transparent OLED and MicroLED Market Report, with all the latest information. The new edition includes news from LGD, BOE, new microLED display prototypes and two new datasheets.

Reading this report, you'll learn all about:

  • Transparent OLED and MicroLED properties and advantages
  • The transparent OLED and MicroLED industry
  • What kind of transparent OLEDs are currently on the market
  • The transparent OLED lighting market

The report package also provides:

  • Transparent OLED display product listing
  • A guide into buying transparent OLEDs
  • The main challenges towards transparent displays
  • Free updates for a year

This transparent displays market report provides a great introduction to transparent OLED and MicroLED technologies and covers everything you need to know about the market and industry now and in the future. This is a great guide for anyone who's thinking about adopting transparent displays in their products or that wants to understand this industry and market throughout.

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LG Display received a "Zero Waste to Landfill" verification for its Korean display production lines

LG Display announced that it has received a "Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL)" verification from UL Solutions, a global independent safety science company, across all of its Korean production plants in Paju and Gumi.

The ZWTL verification is given to companies that achieve a recycling rate of over 90 percent. LGD says that it actually achieved a recycling rate of over 98% in 2021. Its plants in Korea generated 124,644 tons of waste, out of which 122,820 was recycled. The company says the recycling effort contributed around $15 million, from reduced waste disposal costs and profits from selling waste resources.

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