EverDisplay officially launches its 6-Gen flexible AMOLED fab in Shanghai

A few months ago we reported that China-based AMOLED producer Everdisplay is planning to invest $4.1 billion USD to build a 6-Gen AMOLED factory. Today the company launched this new AMOLED fab officially in a ceremony in Shanghai, China.

EverDisplay 6-Gen launch ceremony photo

On December 9th Everdisplay started constructing the new fab in the Jinshan Industrial Zone in Shanghai. Investment in the new fab, according to EverDisplay, will actually be 27.2 billion yuan - or almost $4 billion USD. The fab will be able to produce 30,000 monthly substrates (1500 x 1850 mm) and will be used to produce small and medium sized flexible AMOLEDs (1 to 15 inch).

ETNews: Samsung to release a dual-display foldable phone soon

Samsung is working on foldable displays for many years, as the company is looking to release a foldable phone that will be able to merge the phone and tablet markets (or possible a small phone that opens to a smartphone sized display). The company has recently accelerated its efforts, and such a phone may be released in 2017.

A YOUM phone/tablet prototype photo

Foldable OLED concept (2013)

The main technology development drive is centered on the foldable OLED display itself - which is being developed for many years. According to a new report by ETNews, Samsung has decided to "test the waters" with a foldable phone that uses two different displays. This dual-screen phone will be easier to produce than a phone with a foldable OLED display. Of course the two displays, even if these are very thin-bezel ones, will still not merge to a real single display when the phone is open.

ODG raises $58 million, but what kind of OLED will it use in its Horizon consumer AR glasses?

San Francisco based Osterhout Design Group (ODG) announced that it raised $58 million from several investors, including Shenzhen O-film Tech and Vanfund Urban Investment & Development. This is ODG's round A investment, but it is not a new company - it has been active with enterprise AR solutions for eight years, and in 2014 it sold some of its IP to Microsoft for $150 million.

ODG R-7 smartglassesODG R-7

Why does ODG need so much money? Because it is entering the consumer market with its upcoming codename-Horizon platform, which will be an AR/VR platform that is based on OLED microdisplays. The Horizon platform will support a wide FOV, 120 fps and support for 4K 3D content.

Idemitsu Kosan expands its OLED production capacity in Korea to meet the expected rise in demand

Japan-based OLED material maker Idemitsu Kosan announced that it has decided to expand the OLED material production capacity at it's Korean subsidiary Idemitsu Electronic Materials Korea. Idemitsu said that decision is a response to the expected increase in demand for OLED materials due to increased penetration of OLED displays.

IDEL Korean OLED plant photo

The Korean factory currently has a capacity of 5 tons per year, and this will be increased to 8 ton per year. Combined with its factory in Japan, Idemitsu total capacity will grow to 10 ton per year. The new capacity is expected to be online by the end of the first half of FY2017 (which means by September 2017).

Clearance sale of Samsung's 3.26" 854x480 AMOLED displays

A display supplier based in China just reached out to us with a new clearance sale of Samsung's 3.26" 854x480 (300 PPI) AMOLED displays. It appears that there are about 20,000 such displays at very low prices - about a third of the normal asking price for these AMOLEDs.

These Samsung's 3.26" AMOLED panels are 80.56 x 47.16 in size (active area 72.16 x 40.56 mm) and 0.76 mm thick. The controller is Magnachip's D53E6EA8805. This is a great deal, and if anyone is looking for these panels, contact us to reach the supplier!

Sony's OLED TV plans confirmed by LG and the OLED Association

A couple of days ago we reported on an interesting story at Forbes that speculates that Sony may announce an OLED TV lineup at CES 2017, using LGD's panels. Forbes now posted a second article with more details on Sony's OLED TV plans - provided by Barry Young from the OLED Association.

Sony 56-inch OLED TV Prototype, 2014

According to Barry, Sony plans to launch two models - a 55" one and 65" one - and both will support 4K. LGD will start supplying Sony with panels in Q2 2016, and Sony will start shipping those TVs in Q3 or Q4 of 2017.

Orbotech to supply optical inspection tools for BOE Display's upcoming OLED TV fab in Hefei

Update: It turns out that this specific $61 million deal is not for an OLED fab, but for BOE Display's upcoming Gen-10.5 LCD fab.

Israel-based inspection solutions provider Orbotech announced it signed an agreement to supply inspection and testing solutions for China's BOE Display upcoming OLED TV fab. The deal is estimated at $61 million, and is Orbotech's largest deal in China so far.

BOE 55'' UHD panel prototypes (Nov 2016)

Those inspection systems will be deployed at BOE Display's upcoming 8.5-Gen pilot line in Hefei. According to earlier reports, this fab will produce WRGB OLEDs on an IGZO backplane. According to Orbotec, the facility will produce 90,000 TV panels per month in 2019, and when it reacehs full-scale production it will have a capacity of 120,000 screens. Orbotech will start delivering machines in the first half of 2017.

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDsCambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDs